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Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

My Mum used to frequently make Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding for the family in winter. I never liked it much, I found way too sweet!

I’ve been mulling over adapting Mum’s pudding recipe for quite a while, then a few weeks ago after making a fabulous flourless chocolate cake posted by “ the Cooking Chook” the inspiration came. Maybe strong coffee would counteract much of the unavoidable use of sugar in the sauce element.

As well as adding coffee to the pudding, I upped the amount of cocoa, added some walnut meal and an egg, then reduced the amount of sugar. The sauce ingredients are the same as the original recipe except for the addition of coffee.

I served the pudding warm with pouring cream and it was seriously good. Sorry Mum xx


1 cup spelt flour

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1/2 cup walnut meal

Scant 1/2 cup castor sugar

2 tablespoons Dutch process cocoa powder

2 shots of espresso made up to 125 mls with milk

OR 2 teaspoons of instant coffee in 125 mls of warm milk

60g butter, melted

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


3/4 cup brown sugar

1 heaped tablespoon Dutch process cocoa

2 shots espresso coffee made up to 2 cups with hot water

Grease an 8 cup ovenproof dish. This may seem large for the amount of batter but it will boil over while baking if there is not plenty of room. I hate cleaning the oven!

Sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder into a bowl. Add the castor sugar and walnut meal and stir to combine. Make a well in the centre.

Measure the shots of coffee and make the volume up to 125 mls with milk, then stir in the vanilla. Lightly whisk the egg and melt the butter.

Tip the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and using a wooden spoon beat until smooth. You can do this in the mixer if you’re feeling lazy.

Tip the pudding into the prepared dish and smooth the surface.

Combine the brown sugar and cocoa, then sprinkle evenly over the pudding.

Measure the shots of coffee and make the volume up to 2 cups with hot water.

Gently pour the hot coffee over the pudding then set aside to rest for 30 minutes.

Pre heat the oven to 180C

Bake the pudding for 30 minutes ou until the pudding feels firm in the centre. Remove the pudding from the oven and allow to rest for 30 minutes so that the molten heat dissipates from the sauce. Serves 6-8


About ladyredspecs

I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia. My love of good food drives me as a cook, a reader, a traveller, an artist and but mostly as an eater. I cooked professionally for many years but have no formal training. Simply guided by a love of eating good food, respect for ingredients and an abhorrence of artificial additives, I cook instinctively applying the technical know how acquired by experience. I hope you enjoy what I share Sandra AKA ladyredspecs

9 comments on “Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

  1. laurasmess
    June 11, 2013

    Oh wow. I love self-saucing pudding but I haven’t made it for ages!! Love the idea of the additional coffee. So delicious! Making this soon (to counteract this freezing weather, argh!). thanks for sharing your version!


    • ladyredspecs
      June 11, 2013

      An absolute pleasure Laura. Great pudding weather in Melbourne too, but will have to settle for a glass of red, no time to make pudding tonight.


      • laurasmess
        June 12, 2013

        Haha, a nice glass of red definitely suffices in my opinion! 🙂


  2. marymtf
    June 5, 2013

    Just the sort of dessert for a cold day. I love chocolate.


  3. ohlidia
    June 4, 2013

    Oh my, that looks absolutely divine!! I so love chocolate and this is my kind of dessert!


  4. theconnorsseur
    June 2, 2013

    Looks so good!


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