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Please Pass the Recipe….where did we come from???

Mum and I, Outside Temple Bar, Dublin September 2011


When some of your best family heirlooms are flavours, tastes and memories, how do you translate that into something tangible to pass down the generations?

How do you cook an old family favourite when you haven’t tasted it, let alone cooked it, since you were 10 years old?

Where do you go to when you dream of pikelets by the fire, or lime and chicken risotto?

In the past, you would visit your Mum or Nan’s kitchen and they would teach you, apron to apron.  Being the modern world we now live in, popping over to Mum’s kitchen would involve 2 ½ hours flying time in each direction; aka not likely to happen very often!   We make do with phone calls and emails, but it’s not quite the same as cooking together, and often I jump online to Google a recipe, before I think to pick up the phone.  As a consequence, the family cooking traditions get diluted and the special tricks and flavours get lost.    It’s a shame, and a situation I decided to rectify with a fun long distance project.

Across the country and time zones (okay I’m only an hour behind during summer time, but it’s a pain!), Mum is going to teach me our family dishes through this blog, posting some online herself, and others sending to me to try and test, which in turn I be will sharing the recipe with you all.  The ultimate goal?  A book that we plan to publish to give to the next generation.  They are growing up so quickly, and I would love for them to have a souvenir, if not a guidebook, to the food culture that is our family.

And so here it is…a virtual apron strings to apron strings of passing on family recipes and favourites….. I hope you get some great ideas, and have as much fun reading our journey as we do in creating it.


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