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Orange, Celeriac and Fennel Salad

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to waste. Shifting from Melbourne and leaving behind a hi-tech fridge that kept produce super fresh was a shock to the system. I … Continue reading

May 27, 2016 · 30 Comments

Orange and Ginger Pickled Beets

We spent a leisurely ten days in Brisbane last month. On our first morning we chose a cafe at Eagle Street Pier on the Brisbane River for breakfast. The setting … Continue reading

November 27, 2014 · 30 Comments

Chocolate Orange Mousse

As young newlyweds in the seventies, we often hosted dinner parties for family and friends. They were simple, casual and good fun. Entertaining business associates and their spouses on the … Continue reading

July 15, 2014 · 20 Comments

Not “Jerusalem” Saffron Chicken and Herb Salad

We’re having a long hot summer. When the mercury is climbing toward, and often past 40C (104F), I try and avoid increasing the heat in the house by preparing ahead, … Continue reading

February 26, 2014 · 23 Comments

Beans, snow peas, hazelnuts and orange salad

Hot summer days mean a continuation with the salad theme. It’s difficult to think about eating anything other than fresh crisp fruit and vegetables when it’s hot, day after day … Continue reading

February 13, 2014 · 14 Comments

Baby Beets with Yoghurt Dressing

My Dad always grew a row of beetroot in front of the rampant staked tomatoes in his summer vegetable patch. To maximize yield, they were never pulled until they were … Continue reading

February 11, 2014 · 24 Comments

Orange and Fennel Seed Pork Skewers

Spring was cold and wet this year just a continuation of winter really. In the second week of December, you can count on one hand the number of sunny days … Continue reading

December 14, 2013 · 5 Comments

Crispy Orange Peel Beef

I didn’t plan to make this dish, but I unwittingly bought twice the weight of meat needed for the red braised brisket which I posted a couple of days ago. … Continue reading

March 27, 2013 · 9 Comments


My ultimate cake is dense, moist and textural. It should cut without crumbling or sticking to the knife, it should not need cream to help it slip down, nor should … Continue reading

May 26, 2012 · 3 Comments