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Eggplant Dip

I don’t like to dwell on the foods that are excluded from my diet due to annoying intolerances, but the inconvenience of having to give up most commercial dips because … Continue reading

January 18, 2018 · 23 Comments

Miso Glazed Roasted Eggplant

Miso is a new ingredient in my kitchen. My past miso eating experience has been limited to soup and a few attempts at eating oily miso eggplant at below average … Continue reading

October 16, 2014 · 20 Comments

Vegetable Moussaka

There was a period in our lives when we were vegetarians, not motivated by health or moral sanctity but purely by economics. Feeding a hungry Dad and three growing teenagers during … Continue reading

July 17, 2014 · 17 Comments

Braised Lamb, Memories of Turkey

We enjoyed many memorable meals in Turkey. It’s been eight years since that incredible month, but the wonderful flavours of Turkish food stay with me. Whenever I think of preparing … Continue reading

December 7, 2013 · 15 Comments

Tuscan Vegetable Salad

  Grilled Mediterranean vegetables make a substantial salad. Each vegetable is cooked alone to ensure that its identity is maintained once the salad ingredients are dressed and tossed together. The … Continue reading

November 29, 2012 · 1 Comment